Beyond 66°33'

Here you'll find the photos of my recent trip to northern Norway, going beyond the Artic Circle - 66°33' - where we can see the Midnight Sun... as long as the weather decides to play along, which was not the case this time. Still, it was one of the nicest trips I've done in Norway for the landscape in Lofoten and Vesterålen in early July is as beautiful as you can imagine! I hope my pictures can at least bring you a bit of that northern feeling...

Narvik, Henningsvær, Å i Lofoten, Svolvær, Andenes, Bleik, Harstad are some of the places I visited and tried to capture with both the Fuji and the Minolta. I'll be posting those images here for you as I'll have them ready. I'm also including a couple of maps to help you have a better idea of the locations.


Map of Norway
Map of Norway - Lofoten & Vesterålen
At The Polar Circle I
At The Polar Circle I
At The Polar Circle III
At The Polar Circle IV
At The Polar Circle V
At The Polar Circle VI
At The Polar Circle VII
At The Polar Circle VIII
On the Road Again
Godøystraumen II
Laksforsen I
Laksforsen II
At Narvik I
Narvik Lift
Midnight Sun at Narvik
Outside Narvik
Outside Narvik II
Between Narvik and Sortland
Near Melbu I
Near Melbu II
Near Melbu III
Heningsvær I
Heningsvær II
Heningsvær III
Heningsvær IV
Svolvær I
Svolvær II
Svolvær III
Svolvær IV - The Goat
Svolvær V - Cabins
Svolvær VI
Svolvær VII
Svolvær VIII
Kabelvåg  Area
Kabelvåg II
Kabelvåg  III
Kabelvåg IV
Kabelvåg V
Kabelvåg VI
Kabelvåg VII
Kabelvåg VIII
I'll Stand by You
Another Nosy Photographer
Gimmy a Kiss
Up Up!


Beyond 66°33'


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