Hooked on Digital I

An old bulb and three CDs made the first eight pics... with a little help from PS ;-)

A glass made the next one, and the tenth is the sunlight reflected on a pond...

Well, then, for those of you who have been to La Defense, in Paris, and seen that huge colorful cylinder that stands in one of the squares (don't quite remember which, sorry), may want to make an effort and try to recognize it in the next five images. I know I made the fellow look "slightly" different from what it is but, still, it was an improvement :-)

The first two images in the fourth row are of a paperweight. Then you have a parrot in a cage, and last but not least, there's a fountain. Quite obvious, no?:-))

Yep. This is what I like about "messing around" with an image: What can I get? Where can I go? How different can it get from my starting image? Will it still be of any interest? Will it bring any new emotions, feelings, ideas...? What secrets do they hide behind their initial forms and colors? Well, we'll see... I'll let you know.


Energy I
Energy II
Energy III
Energy IV
Energy V - The Wave
Energy VI - The Whirlpool
Energy VII
Energy VIII
Wrapped in Silk
Animated Nebula
The Cylinder I
The Cylinder II
The Cylinder III
The Cylinder IV
The Cylinder V - Mysteries from the Soul
Paperweight I
Paperweight II
The Fountain
The Parrot Underneath
The Rose
Wild Rose


Hooked on Digital I


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