Hello folks!

I'm Johnny the Goose and you'll be seeing a lot of me around this place.

Apart from being now a widely recognized model, I'm also the supervisor of this site, sort of speaking, and unless you click the email link at the bottom of each page, any matter regarding this site, like satisfying your curiosity about the big brains behind the scenes here (I'm not sure if I'll be able to keep a straight face for much longer), will be handled by "moi".

However, if you decide to click the Email link, things will be handled by Vanda. I wish you all the luck. You'll need it! ;-) (You will also need to delete the word REMOVE from our address. This is until we handle better the anti-spam filters on our server. Sorry for the inconvenience!)

Ah! I'll be also keeping an eye on you every time you nose around where you're not supposed to. Hum!

Now, what do you want to know?

The Puffin? The Puffin is a sea parrot and spends most of the time on the high sea. "Somebody" here is so fond of his colorful beak that promoted him to Honorary President, which means that apart from appearing in a few pictures, you won't see any real work from him. (I'm glad he can't read or I'd get the sack);

The other one - where the Art is supposed to come from - God help us! (Hum... I'd better be a bit more careful now because that one can read). Well, she (her name is Vanda, btw) comes from Portugal, lives in Norway and started photographing some years ago because she wanted to manipulate her own pictures. Soon found out she loved to photograph as much as she was fond of manipulating.

She likes to click. But, above all, she likes nice images. Photos, paintings or drawings, it's the feelings and emotions conveyed by the final result that motivates her the most. From the classical B&W to the most colorful and psychedelic digital, it's the end image, and many times the unexpected outcomes that drives her most. She likes to experiment and innovate.

That's why I (with all my knowledge and expertise) wasn't able to convince her to separate some of the painting-filtered manipulated images from the (less manipulated) photos: This is a site of IMAGES. It doesn't matter if you would call them photos, paintings or drawings. But they are all photo originated, though! (She's hopeless with pencils and brushes. Believe me: I've seen those "essays" on the refrigerator door!)

Ah! The equipment. Yes, well, I've seen mainly two cameras around the place:

- A Sony Digital DSC F55E (the one she likes to use to make those "test tube" portraits);


- A Fuji FinePix 2800 Zoom (used on many of the pics of this site).

Now, a Konica Minolta DImage A2 is the new kid on the block here! I'm as anxious as you to see the outcomes of that one! Well, as a matter of fact, there are already a few pictures taken with the A2 spread around the site... from the experimental stage - You know, when you unwrap the thing and start clicking and pushing everything that looks like a button and so on.... Yep. Anyway, there'll be more soon.

Enjoy your visit!

Bookmark the site and keep popping. No need for a ticket! :-)

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